About OzPoly Rainwater Tanks

CUBIS Systems

OzPoly is a member of the CUBIS Systems extensive product range available in Far North Queensland. In 2015, CUBIS acquired long-serving Australian company, BVCI Pty Ltd, a manufacturer of network access systems with locations on Australia’s east coast.

CUBIS Systems is a global manufacturer of access pit systems and cable ducting products used in the construction of underground networks. The company has developed an innovative approach in an old-fashioned industry. This has been achieved by developing quality products which improve on traditional construction materials, like bricks and concrete, with lightweight plastics and specialised pre-cast concrete incorporating intelligent design features. CUBIS’ products are installed in telecommunications networks, alongside railways and motorways, on waste water treatment works and in power stations. As a result of long-standing relationships with companies such as Telstra, NBN and other broadband networks, there are probably several CUBIS products installed within metres of your front door.

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