OzPoly Rainwater Tanks

OzPoly is North Queensland’s leading manufacturer of rainwater tanks.
Our tanks are built in North Queensland to suit the rugged conditions in this region and are made to the highest quality standards. In fact, OzPoly have been making water tanks since 1983 and is one of Australia’s oldest and most experienced poly tank manufacturers.

OzPoly is apart of Bushman Tanks who are Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of water tanks, rainwater tanks, industrial tanks and associated products.

We focus on making water tanks that are of the highest quality and that are good value for money. Our poly water tanks that are easy to install – which farmers, home-owners and businesses love to own.

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    Benefits of an OzPoly Water Tank

    OzPoly rainwater tanks are manufactured to the highest degree of quality.

    Poly water tanks provide pure rainwater for your family and are an excellent way to save water. Furthermore, using poly water tanks will provide ongoing economic, social and environmental benefits to your local area of North QLD.

    OzPoly tanks are used extensively throughout North Queensland’s agricultural and pastoral region, providing water for stock and other agricultural uses.

    OzPoly water tanks are made from the highest grade polyethylene, creating a flexible, durable and hygienic one piece unit that will provide years of trouble free service.

    These water tanks are specifically designed and built with the climate of regional of North Queensland in mind. They are tough and will last in heat and sun.

    OzPoly water tank is true value for money; securing water and adding value to farms, businesses and domestic households in North QLD.


    Download the OzPoly Brochure

    Download the Informative OzPoly Brochure to:

    • Plan your purchase
    • Select the right rainwater tank(s) for your specific needs
    • Get all the details on specifications on all our products
    • Discover new products

    The Downloadable OzPoly Brochure Includes:

    • Round rainwater tanks
    • Stackable water tanks
    • Children’s wading pools
    • Aquaculture tanks, inclusive of tubs, bins and fish transporters. Tanks are stackable for ease of transportation
    • Poly Troughs, UTE tanks. These tanks are strong, easy to fill and empty and perfect for transport
    • Custom fitted liquid feed and fertilizer tanks
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    Round Tanks

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    Slimline Tanks

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    Poly Stock Troughs

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    OzPoly Tank Features

    • 550-47,300 litre water tanks capacities
    • All poly tank roofs are self-supporting, so there is no need for a centre support pole (and no WHS ssues with confined space & entry)
    • Large Tanks feature a UV cover under leaf strainer to block sunlight that causes algae growth
    • Polyethylene material complies with Australian standard AS2010 (food grade) and AS4020 (drinking water)
    • UV stabilised to withstand Australia’s harsh sun in the North QLD climate
    • Corrugated and smooth style available for sale to ensure the aesthetics of your home are kept
    • Maximum shot weight of plastic material to guarantee ample wall thickness
    • Walls on poly water tanks are thicker at the bottom for maximum strength where the water pressure is the greatest
    • OzPoly water tank moulds are designed and built to separate at the top ensuring part line is positioned in the least stressed area. Poorly designed moulds with parting lines down the sides lead to weak areas in the tank wall causing splitting
    • All poly tanks come with ball valves (depending on tank size) and overflows
    • Our poly water tanks are tested using inhouse facilities in QLD that include ultrasonic thickness measurements and impact testing
    • Our poly water tanks leave no residual taste in the water which means they are ready for use as soon as they’re installed
    • 25-year design lifespan in the QLD climate (using Finite Element analysis).
    View Our Round Poly Tanks Range


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    OzPoly Capabilities

    OzPoly has the capabilities to manufacture the highest quality products for a wide range of clients and industries. This includes rainwater tanks; the ideal solution for homeowners to make the most of their water resources or commercial businesses who need to store and use rainwater.

    OzPoly tanks are designed and built using the latest engineering technology to ensure the tanks will last. This includes;

    • Wall thickness which is thicker at the bottom, adding strength to the part of the tank that carries the most weight.
    • A high degree of efficiency ensuring consistency in all products OzPoly make.
    • Stackable poly water tanks are available

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