About OzPoly Rainwater Tanks

OzPoly Capabilities

OzPoly has the capabilities to manufacture the highest quality parts for a wide range of clients and industries. With a full time industrial designer on staff using the latest CAD software to design products and moulds and a complete engineering workshop with qualified tradespeople to manufacture the moulds, OzPoly really is a one-stop roto-moulding design and manufacturing facility.

OzPoly can provide high quality products with short lead times that are also competitively priced.

The machines used by OzPoly are computer centralised numerical controlled [CNC] roto-moulders, which allow for:

  • Even wall thickness
  • A high degree of efficiency, reducing manufacturing costs thus ensuring lower cost parts.
  • Moulding of various types of thermo plastic including engineering resins.
  • High volume production
  • Foam sandwich construction
  • Air induction for inert gases

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