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Products available for delivery and installation in Townsville:

Ordering a water tank from OzPoly in Townsville, QLD is an excellent way to save on your water bill whilst promoting sustainable living for you and our family and is a quality value adding product for your farm or commercial operation. OzPoly rainwater tanks are readily available throughout the Townsville region. Be sure to check for the local distributors who stock OzPoly tanks. The process of buying a water tank from OzPoly is made simple.

To make an order, first select what tank you need from the OzPoly range of round poly tanks. A member of the OzPoly team will be able to walk you through this process to ensure you get the water tank you need. From there, call OzPoly on 07 4061 4544. The OzPoly team member will be able to ask you a series of questions to determine what water tank shape and size would be most appropriate for your home or business. If you prefer not to call or if you already know what tank you are after, you can enter in a quote form on our website and someone from the OzPoly team can get in touch with you with a specific quote tailored to your request with delivery to Townsville.

OzPoly water tanks are designed and built locally for the Townsville market. OzPoly owns and operates its very own quality-controlled factory in Innisfail which services the northern Queensland market. This means that if you have any specific mould size/strength requirements as well as specific requests for certain fittings and attachments, they can be easily arranged and delivered.

OzPoly also owns and operates its own delivery fleet. An OzPoly driver will be get in contact with you prior to delivery to liaison a time that suits as well as inform if there will be a need for additional assistance in installation.

Be sure to do research into any available water tank rebates on offer in the Townsville region. State and local councils may offer rebates in your area.

Townsville is a city on the north-eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. Townsville is Australia’s largest urban centre north of the Sunshine Coast, with a population of 180,820 as of June 2018. Considered the unofficial capital of North Queensland by locals, Townsville hosts a significant number of governmental, community and major business administrative offices for the northern half of the state.

It is in the dry tropics region of Queensland, adjacent to the central section of the Great Barrier Reef. Owing to a quirk of geographical location, Townsville’s winter rainfall in particular is not as high as elsewhere in the eastern coastal tropics of Queensland, such as Cairns. The average annual rainfall is 1,143 millimetres on an average 91 rain days, most of which falls during the six-month “wet season” from November to April. Because of the variable nature of tropical lows and thunderstorms, variation from year to year is almost uniquely large for wet a climate. The average annual rainfall is 1,136 millimetres in central Townsville City to 853 millimetres at Woodstock, a southwestern suburb. These conditions make Townsville highly suitable for the use of poly rainwater tanks.



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