About Our Slimline Water Tanks

OzPoly is now offering an excellent space-saving and great-looking alternative to our round tanks range: Bushmans Slimline Tanks!

OzPoly is proud to now offer Bushmans slimline water tanks to our market. OzPoly has been providing quality water storage products in the North Queensland area for many years now. This experience has provided them with the specialised knowledge to know what their customers need when looking for a rainwater harvesting solution. Following OzPoly’s merging with Bushmans, their experiences have been combined to create an impressive product offering while maintaining the high levels of customer service that both companies are known for.


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More about Slimline Tanks
About Slimline Tanks
You can now find Bushmans slimline rainwater tanks at OzPoly. Slimline water tanks are specifically designed with a slim profile. These water tanks allow users to maximise their rainwater harvesting potential whilst using the most minimal amount of space. Bushmans slimline tanks are built from a custom mould using our very own raw material that helps tanks last longer in the Australian climate. These slim tanks are easy to position and manoeuvre which provides additional utility if tanks are moved during their lifetime.
Slimline tanks are water storage tanks that are built with a slim space-saving design. This allows for these tanks to be used in areas where space is limited. Slimline water tanks are perfect for tight narrow spaces such as the sides of properties. The design can hug the wall for people to access through tight spaces. Slimline tanks are great for residential areas where there is not necessarily enough space to fit a large round water tank.

Our Range of Slimline Tanks

Bushmans Slimline tanks are designed and manufactured using our own SUNSMART® compound that ensures increased longevity and strength in the harsh Australian climate. They come in a range of great COLORBOND® colours to allow for the tank to seamlessly blend into the surroundings. All Bushmans OzPoly products are 100% Australian made. This ensures that you are receiving the utmost quality and customer experience.
The Bushmans OzPoly slimline water tanks currently come in 2 sizes, 5000 litres and 3000 litres. Depending on what your specific water storage requirements are and what application they will be used for will decide on which tank would be suitable for you. The nature of slim tank designs make them highly suitable for residential applications, but can also be used in commercial, industrial and agricultural environments. These slim rainwater tanks are also popular with architects and engineers as it allows for seamless design into its surroundings, maintaining the aesthetic of houses and sites.
The 3000L slimline tank is the perfect solution for nearly any household that has a need for water storage. You can snugly fit this tank by the side of your house without impeding on walking space or council requirements. The 5000L slimline tank is the largest of the slimline range. This tank will fit comfortably under your roof eaves, even in medium density dwellings. They are both designed and manufactured in our quality-controlled factory in Dalby.
If you are considering a water tank for your home or garden, then look no further then the excellent range of slim tanks from OzPoly. Send a web enquiry or call OzPoly on (07) 4061 4544.  

Price of a Slimline Water Tank

If you'd like to find out the cost of a slimline water tank, please click 'request a quote' on one of our slimline products above.

DELIVERY We deliver for free, anywhere within the zone 1 area. All larger tanks are delivered to site (some conditions apply with permit zones). Please note: our drivers don't install or plumb tanks. For more information about our unloading requirements, please call us on (07)-4061-4544.

GUARANTEE All OzPoly tanks are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and manufacturing defects - They come with a 10 year pro rata warranty. We can offer such a great warranty because we know our products are built to last. They're built using the finest grade polyethylene, formulated to withstand Australia's harsh sun, and they're built smart, so they can withstand the stress of day to day use.

OzPoly water products is a brand of Bushmans Tanks - See the full range of tank products in Australia. If you'd like to discuss your tank requirements, give us a call: someone who specialises in tanks, and is happy to take the time to offer advice and guidance. Please call us on (07)-4061-4544




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