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OzPoly’s 5000L slimline water tank is the ideal tank when space is at a premium. The 5000 litre slimline water tank has been designed to meet the water storage needs of the house holder, or hobby farmer, when the requirement for reliable water storage is great but space is limited. The 5000l rainwater tank meets the water storage demands of domestic dwellings, small farms, and even commercial houses. The design of the 5000l slimline water tank is what makes this rainwater tank so versatile; when space is limited the 5000l slimline water tank is neat enough to fit snugly into tight spaces.


Rainwater harvesting helps saving water, is good for the environment, and can decrease dependence on mains water and therefore improve your household budget. The 5000l rainwater tank makes it possible to take advantage of the benefits of rainwater harvesting and water storage also when space is restricted. OzPoly’s 5000l rainwater tank is ideally placed beside the house or by a garage or carport, or along the garden fence. The slimline tank is an excellent rainwater tank to buy for your first new home. QLD Department of Housing and Public Works outlines a range of laws and regulations that are stipulating the legal requirement of installing rainwater tanks for new houses and commercial buildings.


Rainwater can be used for multiple applications in and around your house. OzPoly’s 5000l slimline rainwater tank is fit for storing potable water when using suitable accessories. The soft rainwater stored in the 5000l slimline rainwater tank is the ultimate drink for your plants, keeping them green, blooming, and lush.


The look of the 5000l slimline water tank is deceptive, it looks small at first glance but packs a punch. It holds water that will flush your toilet approximately 5,000 times (half flush), wash 100 loads of dishes, and is offering you and your family 50 showers.


OzPoly is proud to now offer the 5000l slimline water tank to the Far Northern Queensland market. We are certain that this versatile slimline tank will delight customers living in the Cairns, Townsville, Port Douglas, Atherton and Mareeba areas. Next time you are in search for a tank, plan your trip to your local OzPoly distributor and view OzPoly’s range of rainwater tanks, including the new 5000 litre slimline water tank.


OzPoly’s range of tanks comprise of, above the 5000 litre slimline water tank, rainwater tanks in an array of sizes, shapes, colours and applications. OzPoly offers agricultural tanks suitable for the hobby farm and commercial farm alike. We also offer a comprehensive range of storage solutions for industry; OzPoly industrial tanks.


Dimensions (Height x Width x Length)
2100 x 1060 3340 (mm)



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