About Our Poly Stock Troughs

OzPoly has been servicing the agricultural industry since the inception of the business. OzPoly water products have been used on both large and small farming operations for stock water and feed. With this comes OzPoly’s range of ecofriendly water troughs. These water troughs are fully Australian-made using our robust poly plastic raw materials. By using plastic as a raw material, these troughs are well equipped for a range of uses whilst being highly portable. These troughs are available for sale from OzPoly and our network of distributors in North Queensland.

OzPoly water troughs are easy to fill, easy to empty, easy to clean and easy to transport. The robust poly plastic raw material is light enough to make the trough easy to transport, without sacrificing strength. The square lip on OzPoly water troughs provides extra strength and durability, to give years of efficient stock feeding. The plastic is of tank-grade strength.

Our Range of Water Troughs

OzPoly water troughs come in sizes big and small to suit any farming application. Depending on your requirements, a round or rectangular trough will be suitable for you, with both shapes for sale from OzPoly. Round troughs are available in sizes from 350L to 1000L and rectangular troughs come in both 200L and 500L. The range of poly round water troughs are specifically moulded with anti-slip treads using our robust poly plastic raw material.

OzPoly water troughs range begins at 350 litres. The 350 litre round water trough is perfect for stock water storage on small farms or areas where there is not a large need for stock storage. The 500 litre round water trough is an ideal solution for all agricultural applications due to its universal utility. The 750 litre poly round trough is one of the larger water troughs available from OzPoly. This trough is manufactured with anti-slip walls to provide extra value. The 1000 litre round trough is the largest of the round troughs available from OzPoly and highly suitable for agricultural operations where there is a need for large stock water storage. Rectangular troughs are also available from OzPoly. These come in two sizes, 200 litres and 500 litres. Depending on your stock, spatial or aesthetic requirements, either shape may be suitable for your operation.

Ordering Your Water Trough

If you are in the market for a plastic water trough for sale, look no further than OzPoly. OzPoly is based in Innisfail in North Queensland. They are a part of the Bushmans Group, who have been operating in the water storage industry for over 30 years. They have made their mission to continuously improve and develop their products to live up to the quality they have become known for. The same has applied for OzPoly. OzPoly is one of Australia’s oldest water tank manufacturers and they have utilised this knowledge to design and build a line of agricultural products that are second to none. If you’re looking for a quality plastic water trough for sale, be sure to enquire with OzPoly today! Send a web enquiry or call OzPoly on (07) 4061 4544.

OzPoly is producing and delivering. Due to Covid-19 additional safety and hygiene measures have been implemented to protect staff, customers and the community. Click here to read more information.