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OzPoly’s 750L round poly water trough is ideal for providing clean and fresh water for cattle on the farm. The round poly trough is sizeable when it comes to holding fresh water yet is convenient in size. Fresh water that is accessible at all times is essential for healthy cattle, such as horses or other bigger animals. The round OzPoly poly water and stock trough provide easy access to fresh water and fodder on the hobby farm, smaller farm and in large and commercial farm settings. Hence, the round OzPoly poly water and stock trough have its natural place in any farm situation.


Clean water is essential for the cattle’s growth, reproduction, digestion and in the overall wellbeing of the cattle. The water kept in the round OzPoly poly water stock trough is fresh and uncontaminated, in contrast to the water in earthen dams that often are contaminated with parasites with the potential of causing harm to cattle and livestock.


The OzPoly poly water trough is robust and functional in design and built with longevity in mind. The poly material is in relative terms soft and with some give, providing a safe environment for the animals, reducing the risk of injury, when they are eating or drinking from round the poly trough.




This 750litre round poly stock through has a diameter of 1330mm and a height of 550mm. This poly water trough is convenient in size yet sizeable when it comes to storing water. The poly material in the round poly water trough makes the trough light weight and easy to move around and move to the cattle’s feed sources. This is a factor in the cattle’s well being as well as saving their energy to walk long distances for food. The result of the saving of energy expenditure provides optimal growth.


The 750L OzPoly poly stock through tank is for sale now around North Queensland! Be sure to check in with your local distributor to find out your ideal OzPoly rainwater tank, agricultural tank, or industrial tank today!


Dimensions (Diameter x Height)
1330 x 550 (mm)



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