About Our Round Tanks

OzPoly’s line of poly water tanks are readily available at competitive prices for the Queensland market. Poly tanks in QLD are an excellent means of harvesting rainwater for later use. North QLD is a highly suitable climate for the use of poly rainwater tanks. This is due to the North Queensland region being endowed with heavy rainfall. OzPoly poly water tanks can either be smooth walled or corrugated walled, depending on the preference of the customer.

Our poly water tanks are an excellent solution for use on large rural properties and farms. At an affordable price, round poly tanks can provide an exponential boost in sustainability in farmers’ output. Farmers who have used our range of round poly tanks in the past have been very positive with their experiences in the field and often return for another tank! OzPoly has worked closely with our farming customers to continue developing and providing excellent products whilst improving our customer service.

Poly Tank Uses

Poly rainwater tanks are the ideal solution for water conservation in agriculture. On the farm, poly water tanks can be used for a wide range of applications including irrigation for agriculture, for livestock watering systems or for stock and domestic water systems. Our poly water tanks are suitable for both subsurface irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. Irrigation pumps can be easily fitted to our rainwater tanks to provide you with superior irrigation for your agricultural operation. OzPoly rainwater tanks are the superior product for sale in the Queensland market.
OzPoly’s range of poly water tanks have been extensively used by householders to improve the water sustainability and self-sufficiency of Queensland homes. Deciding on which size rainwater tank is most appropriate for your home is the first question you will need to address. As every home is different, we offer a wide range of sizes and colours, to make sure that your new water tank is the most appropriate and applicable for your home. OzPoly also offers the option of both corrugated and smooth walled poly tanks to best suit the façade and aesthetics of your home or shed.

Benefits of using a Poly Tank

The use of poly rainwater tanks in a household environment is a great way to cut down on your water costs. Rain harvesting is a method that is easy to apply in your life and drastically helps in saving water and taking pressure off the water table. There are many benefits of having a poly rainwater tank installed at a home, the main benefit being that a water tank provides the ability to harness rainwater for use around the house and garden. OzPoly’s urban water tanks can also be used in conjunction with garden irrigation systems. The use of urban water tanks in the garden are a perfect means for saving water at home whilst giving your garden its much needed water that is necessary for keeping it vibrant and healthy.
OzPoly tanks have also been extensively used in commercial and industrial settings. Our tanks are proven in the field in a variety of applications including rainwater storage, stormwater retention and detention, and for capturing and storing of contaminated water. Round poly tanks are also very suitable for use in resource extraction operations. Gas fields require the wide use of storage tanks throughout the whole gas extraction process.
Tanks can also be required for storing oil, sludge, water, fuel, and chemicals used in the resource extraction process. An OzPoly tank can be used as an oil tank, fuel storage tank, diesel storage tank, safety tank, sludge tank, settling tank and well tank. Adequate water and chemical storage are prerequisites for mitigating hazards and risk management for mine sites and gas wells. We offer a wide range of accessories, fittings and attachments so that each tank solution is individually customised and meets each situation and business operations needs.

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