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Sample Tank Colour shown, with other OzPoly Colour pallet tanks available to compliment your setting.


OzPoly is proud to offer the 13,500 litre water tank to meet our customers’ needs of a bigger tank. This tank is ideal when larger rainwater volumes need to be stored. The increased water storage capacity of this tank makes it a superb water tank for larger city blocks, hobby farms or larger rural properties, and even rural commercial farms.


The 13,500 litre corrugated rainwater tank is a magnificent rainwater harvesting tool, collecting rainwater to be used around the house, the smaller or larger farm and in a commercial setting. The great storage capacity of this tank allows for flexibility when large quantities of water is needed. In Australia, one of the driest continents on earth, water can be scarce and rainwater harvesting is a practice that we all should apply as part of our everyday living. To save nature, our income and living standard, we need to save Australia’s water for those many sunny days.


Not only is rainwater harvesting a good practice for attaining the higher goal, installing a rainwater tank will enable use of the water stored for domestic used, or on the farm. Installing a water tank will add value to any property and save us money. How? We will be less dependent on mains water and its associated rates. Off the grid, a rainwater tank of the size that the 13,500 litre corrugated OzPoly tank offers will ensure smooth running of our farming business. 


Are you building a new house or a commercial building? The Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works have a range of laws and regulations that specify that any new house or commercial building must install a rainwater tank. Read this factsheet to find out more. The 13,500 litre tank conforms with the Queensland government’s Building Codes. 


The perusing of the factsheet is essential for any potential developers in Queensland, a state with a high propensity for intense cyclones. In the fact sheet you will find out that each new house will need approval – regardless of the size of rainwater tank that is planned for the dwelling or commercial building. 


Sample Tank Colour seen in here – there is a range of tank colours on offer to suit your taste, preferences and that is sure to complement your exterior design. You can view the colours available here OzPoly Colour pallet tanks .


The 13,500 litre tank can be found at your local OzPoly distributor. Are you looking for another type or size of tank? Contact your local OzPoly distributor and let them assist you with your OzPoly rainwater tank, agricultural tank, or industrial tank today!


How Big is the 13,500 Litre Water Tank?

Dimensions – this 11,500 litre round water tank has a diameter of 2600mm, an inlet height of 2750mm, and a total height of 2920mm. These dimensions make this tank highly suitable for a range of applications that will last the distance.  


Dimensions (Diameter x Height x Inlet Height)
2600 x 2920 x 2750 (mm)



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