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OzPoly’s 47,300 litre round poly rainwater is the largest tank in OzPoly’s range of tanks. OzPoly’s tank sizes range from 1,000 litres to 47,300 litres. The OzPoly 47,300 litre rainwater tank is ideal for rural properties, be it large commercial properties or large farms. The 47,300 litre water tank is the ultimate tank for anyone looking for a rainwater tank with a capacity to hold a significant and large amount of water and yet utilise space in the most efficient way.


A tank of this size is ideal for catching rainwater for the larger farm. The OzPoly 47,300 litre water tank can also be used for reticulated stock water and is the perfect tank for water independence on the farm or larger property, or those solely relying on rainwater for domestic use.


This OzPoly tanks is, as all OzPoly tanks, is of the highest quality and built to last. You can trust this tank to last the distance and store and provide water for years to come.


OzPoly’s poly rainwater tanks are offered in an array of colours – to find a colour that suits the colour scheme – look at  OzPoly Colour palette .


OzPoly offers a range of tanks – poly rainwater tanks, agricultural and industrial tanks. Visit your local OzPoly distributor to view OzPoly’s tank range.


How big is the 47,300 Litre Round Poly Rainwater Tank?


Dimensions – the diameter of this round water tank is 4580mm, the height measures 3490mm and the inlet height is 3150mm.


Dimensions (Diameter x Height x Inlet Height)
4580 x 3490 X 3150 (mm)



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