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Sample Tank Colour shown, with other OzPoly Colour pallet tanks available to compliment your setting.


OzPoly’s 7000 litre round water tank is the ideal small to medium sized rainwater tank. This tank offers plenty of volume for rain harvesting, suiting the hobby farmer, the small farm or any household that want to catch those precious drops of rain. The design and size allow this 7000 litre tank to fit into all areas even where space is restricted.


The design of this tank is stylish but discreet and will suit and complement an array of exteriors. The tank comes in a wide range of colours to match the already chosen colour scheme of your house, or bland in with your selected colour palette.


One step towards increased independence and less reliance on mains water is rain harvesting. Not only is rain harvesting enabling the independence of having one’s own water, rainwater harvesting is making sure that water usage is not a drain on your budget, as you are using your own water resources rather than paying for them.


The 7000 litre water tank is a good first tank buy in order to literally test the waters and see what a rainwater tank can do for you. The range of applications for the 7000 litre rainwater is wide as the thank can be used for multiple tasks in and around the house, washing dishes, laundry, showering and watering your garden. There is no debate, the softness of rainwater makes it a superior water supply for your plants, ensuring their lushness and keeping them green and healthy.


The 7000 litre water tank may be small at first glance but certainly packs a punch.


Dimensions (Diameter x Height x Inlet Height)
2600 x 1770 x 1530(mm)



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