Kane Pumping & Irrigation

OzPoly is proud to announce Kane Pumping & Irrigation as a verified OzPoly stockist.

About Kane Pumping & Irrigation

Kane Pumping and Irrigation was started in 1983 servicing the North Queensland region. Since then, Kane Pumping and Irrigation has become a local one-stop shop for all things water. The current owners, Gary and Angela, have breathed life into the business and have an unmatched knowledge of the industry and products they sell.

Kane Pumping and Irrigation have specialised expertise in pumps and irrigation products. Water tanks are an essential component of these water systems. Kane Pumping and Irrigation provide an extensive range of centrifugal, pressure, household, rural commercial and industrial pumping solutions and other water products but what sets them apart is their dedication to their customers to ensure they get the highest level of service and satisfaction.

Stockist Information

Business Name:
Kane Pumping & Irrigation

Business Address:
4 Charles St, Innisfail QLD 4860

Our Partnership

Kane Pumping and Irrigation has been a verified stockist of OzPoly products for over 10 years. This vast experience with the products has given them the know-how to be able to solve any need customers have with tanks and other products. They are sure to find a solution for your tank application, whether it be residential or commercial.

Friendly service, excellent-quality workmanship, vast knowledge of the local area and requirements of their customers. By combining these skills and expertise, Kane Pumping and Irrigation are able to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The staff have many different solutions for all ranges of water-related requirements. They have the finest selection of OzPoly tanks as well as an amazing selection of pumps and all associated irrigation equipment, with the professionalism to get it installed and working efficiently.

Kane Pumping and Irrigation have the ability to handle all the plumbing and irrigation requirements for OzPoly water tanks. This makes it extremely convenient for our customers to buy OzPoly tanks through them as well as the service of setting the tanks up. By having a pumping and irrigation expertise, there is an additional level of service and value for potential water tank customers.

Kane Pumping has always been a pleasure to work with, they have an expert level of understanding when it comes to the water industry, and are seen as a leader in their field in Innisfail. Their local knowledge and established service see many customers come to them for their water needs. We work together to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

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