Nuleaf Horticulture & Irrigation Supplies, Cairns

OzPoly is proud to announce Nuleaf Horticulture & Irrigation Supplies, Cairns as a verified OzPoly stockist.

About Nuleaf Horticulture & Irrigation Supplies, Cairns

Nuleaf Horticulture & Irrigation Supplies in Cairns is an excellent store to service one's pumping, irrigation, horticulture and industrial fitting needs. Nuleaf has extensive knowledge in the field of water products and the associated technologies. They have been locally owned for over 30 years and are one of Cairn’s most experienced and respected retailers in the water industry. Their product knowledge encompasses a wide range of applications from domestic and agricultural water products and management to industrial and commercial applications. Nuleaf are members of the Irrigation Association of Australia and the National Water Group. With their extensive knowledge of pumping and irrigation comes their relationship with OzPoly, as the need for water storage is crucial to these processes.

Stockist Information

Business Name:
Nuleaf Horticulture & Irrigation Supplies, Cairns

Business Address:
281/279 Little Spence St, Bungalow QLD 4870

Our Partnership

Nuleaf Horticulture & Irrigation Supplies has been an important stockist of OzPoly tanks and associated products for over 10 years. With this depth of experience comes an invaluable specialised knowledge of the water industry and its various applications in the domestic, agricultural, industrial and commercial markets. They have been highly successful in supplying OzPoly products to Cairns, North Queensland, and the Torres Straits. They have been excellent in assisting companies with projects no matter the size, including vast mining sites to smaller constructions.

The specialist team at Nuleaf have over 30 years of in the water industry. The feedback we’ve heard from customers about Nuleaf has attested to their knowledge of our products. This is also reflected in the high level of service shown by the staff at Nuleaf. Nuleaf staff will be able to direct you to a plethora of solutions for all ranges of water related requirements.

Fo us at OzPoly, John and the team at Nuleaf have been one of our most important stockists of our products. They have been in the industry for decades, and they have the reputation to match, they always market our product as top quality. They lend their reputation to our product as we do with their service.

John, Tom and Megan are always very easy, happy, and approachable to talk to, and we have always had a strong relationship with them. They offer a top quality service at an affordable price and they always look to us for water storage. Be sure to stop by Nuleaf Horticulture & Irrigation Supplies in Cairns for all your water needs.

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